Python – Searching for text in multiple files within a directory OR one file in a directory

This script searches the yum directory for all the repo files and searches for the URLs each repo goes to.

Search for text in multiple files

src_dict = ("/etc/yum.repos.d/") #Specify base directory
pattern = re.compile ('http\S+') #CPatter to search for

for yum_files in os.listdir(src_dict): # obtain list of files in directory
    files = os.path.join(src_dict, yum_files) #join the full path with the names of the files.
    strng = open(files) #We need to open the files
    for lines in strng.readlines(): #We then need to read the files
        if, lines): #If we find the pattern we are looking for
            print re.split(r'=', lines)[1] #We split using as a delimeter the = sign.

Search for text in one file in a directory

drc = '/home/gmastrokostas/PycharmProjects/learning'
f = open( os.path.join(drc, file) )
for lines in f.readlines():
    searpatt =, lines)
        print (
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