Part 3 – Install VMware ESXi 5 within VMware Workstation 9

Now that we have created the proper environment for ESXi to run under, we will go ahead and install it. Installation of VMware ESXi is very simple and straight forward. In our previous step we setup VMware Workstation 9 to install ESXi. Below are now the steps to install ESXi.

1) You will be greeted with the follow screen. Press Enter to proceed. The ESXi installer will be launched.

2) Press Enter and agree to the License Agreement.

3) Select the Hard Drive where you will install VMware on. Do not pay attention to my screenshot’s 10Gig hard drive space. The screenshot was taken from a mock install I did in order to take the screenshots.

4) You will be prompted to select your Default keyboard layout and for the creation of your root password.


5) Installation will start



After ESXi is completed make absolutely sure you have setup this image as a shared VMware workstation 9 image. This will prevent the ESXi virtual image from shutting down when you close the VMWare application it self. By setting the ESXi image as a shared image it will allow it to keep running in the background regardless if the VMWare application interface is up or not.  You can do this by doing the following:

1) Right click on the Guest Image Icon it self with in VMware Workstation.

2) Select “share”


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