Part 8 – Join the ESXi server to your Domain.

In this step we will add our ESXi server to our Windows Domain. Reason being is because this will create a distributed account environment where all the accounts are handled at the Domain Controller level. This allow for an easier administration of the ESXi server it self.

1) Configure your ESXi server to point to the DNS of your Primary Domain Controller. As always machines, in order for them to get the DNS data from the DNS server they need to be aware of where the DNS server is. Highlight your ESXi server, go to “Configuration” – “DNS and Routing” and select “Properties” at the upper right corner.






2) You will need to tell your ESXi server the type of Authentication services you want it to use. In this case we want “Active Directory” type. You do this by highlighting your ESXi server, going to “Configuration” and select “Authentication Services”. In the drop down list select “Active Directory” and enter the name of the Domain.


3) Enter the name of the hostname you want to give to your ESXi server and the Domain you want to join. In the DNS fields enter first the IP address of the Primary Domain Controller and then enter the IP address of your router’s DNS ip.












4) Now that your ESXi server is part of your Domain it can become aware of the Domain users that belong to that Domain. As such you do not have the need to create local users on your ESXi server. You just need to make it aware of which Domain users are allowed to login to this server. Do this by selecting “Permissions”




5) Right Click anywhere on the area and select “Add Permission” and you will see the Permissions configuration window. 










6) Select “ADD”. On the Drop Down list you will see “server” and the entries of the Domain(s) the ESXi server belongs to. If you select “server” all logins created will be local to the ESXi server. If you select the Domain listed you will see the list of accounts in that Domain. Remember that here you are not creating a Domain Account. Yo are just telling ESXi to allow logins from one of the pre-existing Domain accounts.











7) I have selected the gmastrokostas domain account as shown below. Now you will need to specify the type of Permissions this user has over the ESXi server. You can either create a custom set of permissions. For simplicity reasons I have given the Domain account Administrative permissions over the ESXi server.








And that is it 🙂

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