virsh – Manage VMs

List all VMs

virst list --all

[root@desktop ~]# virsh list --all
Id Name State
- centos7.0 shut off
- centos7.0-2 shut off

Create a snapshot

virsh snapshot-create-as --domain centos7.0-2 \
> -- name "Testing"\
> -- description "Testing stuff"\
> -- live

List any snapshots of a VM

virsh snapshot-list --domain centos7.0-2
Name Creation Time State
testing--description 2017-10-22 15:35:40 -0400 shutoff

Revert to a snapshot

virsh snapshot-revert centos7.0-2  testing--description

Power up/off a VM

virsh start/shutdown centos7.0-2 

Find IP of VM By using the MAC address

[root@desktop ~]# arp -n
Address                  HWtype  HWaddress           Flags Mask            Iface              ether   28:56:5a:e9:3a:0b   C                     enp5s0              ether   74:2f:68:f7:32:0e   C                     enp5s0          ether   52:54:00:27:86:b6   C                     virbr0              ether   70:85:c2:29:cf:a3   C                     enp5s0              ether   d0:50:99:09:38:63   C                     enp5s0

[root@desktop ~]# virsh domiflist centos7.0-2
Interface  Type       Source     Model       MAC
vnet0      network    default    virtio      52:54:00:27:86:b6

Enable/Disable Auto Start of guest upon boot

[root@desktop ~]# virsh autostart centos7.0-2 
Domain centos7.0-2 marked as autostarted

[root@desktop ~]# virsh autostart centos7.0-2  --disable
Domain centos7.0-2 unmarked as autostarted

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