Find Putty’s saved sessions


Basic Knowledge of: SSH clients – Regedit

Assuming that you use PuTTY to connect to SSH servers, what happens if for example you cannot remember the IP  address or hostname of a particular SSH server? NMAP is always an option but what if you just need is to see the IP and/or Hostname of that SSH server in order for your brain to go “A-Haaa, that is the one!”. Well here is how you do it.

Putty saves all of the sessions that have been initiated in the past in the following Registry Key. You can find all the SSH session requests along with the Host Keys that were generated. And there you have it.


In the screenshot the IP/Hostnames column on the left along with the Host Keys have been blurred out as you can see.


PuTTY is a very popular telnet/ssh windows client. You can get it along with other interesting tools on the following link:


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