Windows 2008-R2: Add a computer to a Domain

In this tutorial we will add a computer to our newly created domain. There are some configuration changes that need to be made on the machine that we will add on the domain.  This change basically is to point the DNS away from your router and point to your new DNS which is the actual server we are setting up. This will be the only way the machine will know where to look for the Domain…..and lets get started.


1)  Go to the machine you want to add to your Domain and bring up your NIC configuration window.  The place you need to pay attention is the PREFERRED DNS SERVER option. Before the change it was pointing to the which is my router. This enables it to go out to the internet and obtain DNS information. However now I will point to my DNS server (which is our Domain Controller in our case) and the IP address is  The Default Gateway will not change.



2) Now we going to add the machine to the Active Directory by going to System Properties and select Change.  Select Domain and enter the name of the Domain which is ACTIVEDIRECTORY.VMHOME. After you add the PC to the AD you will need to reboot it. You then you can add by using the following user credentials ACTIVEDIRECTORY.VMHOME\IronMan.


You will be asked to enter the username and password and then a reboot of the machine is pending.


And that was it. 🙂


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