How to mount your NFS drive during boot up

On the client machine:

– You will need to create a directory where it will serve as a mount point for your NFS drive from your NFS server. You can create this directory anywhere you want. Example:

mkdir /home/share

– Edit your /etc/fstab file so it will mount the NFS drive automatically during boot up. For example my entry in my fstab file looks like this:   /home/share             nfs     defaults        0 0

The first portion points the client machine to the NFS remote drive.

The second portion points to the mount point you created on your client machine.

The third portion declares the File System type.

The fourth portion declared the mount option. In this case defaults are being used which will allow for read and write.

The fifth portion declares if the filesystem will be backed up or not by dump. In this case zero will by pass any backup options.

And that is all she wrote.

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