VMware ESXi: Automatic shutdown/startup of Virtual Guests/images

When there is a time you have to shutdown/startup your actual ESXi hosts you can automate a graceful shutdown of your virtual images before your ESXi  host goes down. Upon starting up your ESXi server your virtual images can setup to automatically start up.

This automatic procedure can be setup in a linear fashion as in you can decide in which order your guest images can shutdown and in which order you want them to come up again.  You can exclude guests from this automated procedure if you do not want certain guests to come up at all for example.

Here is how.

1)  Login to VSphere, select the Configuration Tab of the top level of your ESXi server tree. Select “Vistual Machine Startup/Shutdown” from the list on the left and press “Properties” at the far right of your Vsphere screen.

2) You will be greeted with the window dialogue below.

  • Check the “Allow Virtual machines to start and stop automatically with the system”
  • Below you can select the delay between guests to start/shutdown
  • On the Shutdown Delay portion select “Guest Shutdown”. This will make ESXi to send an actual shutdown command versus just crudely shutting down your guest images.
  • On the “Start Up” order you can now select which guests should be automatically (or not) be stutdown/start up. You can select a random order of startup/shutdown or you can select a specific order.

And you are done.


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