ESXi – Convert a live machine to a virtual machine.

You can convert your physical machine to a virtual machine. The software you will need for this is VMware vCenter Converter Standalone. You can convert the Operating System along with whatever hard drives/partitions are attached to the Operating System.


1) Launch VMware Converter and enter the login credentials for your ESXi server.

















2) Choose the appropriate option. In this case I am converting my local machine so I chose “Powered-On machine”.


3) Enter the login credentials for the ESXi you wish to insert your virtual machine into.


4) Provide a name for your virtual machine.


5) Select which virtual resource pool your virtual machine will fall under.


6) Here you can edit which hard drives you want to virtualize, setup CPU cores, NIC, host hard drive provisioning and so on.


7)  Now wait for your machine to be virtualized. Depending on the size of the machine and the performance of your network and hardware it may take from less than an hour to a day. In my case it will take almost two days since there is a very large amount of data to be converted.

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