MSXML6 Prerequisites not found missing – UNTESTED FIX

The machine might have two different errors running the MSXML6 installer.

Error 1 – MSXML6 (msxlm6.msi) install fails because “the system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation …”

Error 2 – “Installation of MSXML 6.0 Parser failed because a higher version is already exits on the machine. To proceed, uninstall the higher version and then run MSXML 6.0 Parser Setup again.”

So here’s the steps that fixed both, and allowed msxml6.mxi to be inastlled… and subsequently sql …


Fix –

1. Open regedit.exe from “Start->Run”
2. Find the path via “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT -> Installer -> Products”
3. Delete all the subkeys if they don’t contain
anything (there is no “+” before their folder icons ) under “Products”.



1. Open regedit from “Start->Run”
2. Find a folder similar to Hkey_local_machine\software\classes\installer\products\5A6FB34A0F5DAAA4FB1456990536CE44
3. Select it and check the keys inside it to confirm it is the MSXML6 parser key
4. Copy key to text file (it may be different than the above)
5. Delete this key
6. Search through the rest of the registry, and delete all references (keys and folders) to this key.
(Note step 6 may not be necessary)

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