Configure Router to handle traffic from VLANs.

This how to is a continuation of  the previous howto . You can download the PacketTracer file from here.

In this how to a router will be configured to handle traffic from all VLANs. The router will handle traffic from all networks created by the VLANs. Each host on each VLAN will be then be able to ping the router’s IP address. The router’s IP address for hosts on different VLANs will belong to the network the VLAN operates in. In other words a host in the VLAN 50 will have as default gateway and so forth with the rest of the hosts on the different VLANs.



Create Trunk between Switch 1 and Router 1. Run the following commands on Switch 1

interface fastEthernet 0/2
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1-99,150

Configure the router.

For VLAN 50

interface fastEthernet 0/0.50
encapsulation dot1Q 50
ip address

For VLAN 60

interface fastEthernet 0/0.60
encapsulation dot1Q 60
ip address

For VLAN 99

interface fastEthernet 0/0.99
encapsulation dot1Q 99
ip address

For VLAN 150

interface fastEthernet 0/0.150
encapsulation dot1Q 150
ip address
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