CentOS: MySQL-VSFTP authentication – Plus use this FTP directory as your YUM FTP repository.

This how to shows how to use VSFTPD with virtual users that authenticate against a MySQL database. This solution does not scale well because as far as I can tell you cannot have the MySQL database on an isolated server while other several FTP servers use it to authenticate user logins. My understanding is that both VSFTP and MySQL need to reside on the same machine in order for this work.If I am wrong please let me know.  In addition this how-to shows you how to setup this same VSFTP server as a FTP YUM repository.

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Centos 6.5 – Create a YUM repository for your private network.

This tutorial shows how to create a YUM repository which you can use on your own private network. You may want this if you do not want your production servers to reach on the Internet thus keeping them protected. These servers will get their RPM packages by a server that holds the always up to date RPM packages. This is called the repository server and it will need access to the Internet in order to get the latest RPM packages.



1) Find an official CentOS site that supports RSYNC. List of Links here.

2) Have a spare server to use as your Repo server. This server will need to have Apache installed.

3) Enter an DNS entry for the local web site you will create that will host the RPM packages.

4) Setup yum on your servers to get the new packages from your Repo Server.

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Centos 6.5 – Add a local repo in 5 small steps

You can set yum to draw RPM packages for install directly from your DVD drive by executing the following steps.

  • 1) Enable yum to read from your local DVD.

                              vi /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Media.repo

  • 2) Set the parameter enabled to 1
  • 3) Create a directory to use as a mount point for your DVD.

                             mkdir /media/cdrom

  • 4) Mount your DVD drive.

                             mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom

  • 5) Install software

                            yum –enablerepo=c6-media install httpd



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