Configure DHCP on Router and handle VoIP phones

This how to is a continuation of  the previous here . The VoIP configured PacketTracer file can be downloaded from here.


In this how to the router will be configured to also act as a DHCP server. Also the VLAN 150 will converted to be able to handle telephony. Also some minor changes will be done on the switch it self in order for it to handle telephony data. Next on some of the commands below are comments to explain what each command does.

Configure DHCP on the router.

configure  terminal 
name of your IP Pool
option 150 ip  #set raw DHCP options. the 150 is for telephony.

Configure the router to understand Telephony data

max-dn 10 #Maximum directory numbers
max-ephones 10 #Maximum phones to support
ip source-address port 2000  #The network IP and the default port used.
auto assign 1 to 9 #Automatically assigns ext number to buttons

On the switch Re-configure VLAN-150 from Access port to Voice port and assign port 20 to a phone

interface FastEthernet 0/20
switchport mode access
no switchport access vlan 150
switchport voice vlan 150 

Configure the router to assign a dial number to the phone

ephone-dn 1 #Configure phone number 1, 2....n etc 
number 62001 #give this extension number to the phone
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